What is advertisement job?
You will display product/ invisible service in various advertisement websites. You will submit advertisement through internet and various online newspapers and advertisement websites given by us.

Where is my work place?
You can do this project with your computer having internet connection. If you do not have your own, you can go to cybercafé, information center any where available internet access.

Do I need any experience to start this project?
Yes! You will get an easy start to this project, if you have the knowledge of computer and internet. However, we shall send demo and online training facility for online employee. Otherwise you have to come to our head office or branch office for taking class.

How can I start advertisement job?
You need to register your name at our office. After that, you will get an employee id code, advertisement information, images, software, website.

How much should I work a day?
For part time employees can get Rs-8000 per month just 2 hours pre day and full time employees can get Rs-30,000 per month just work 6 hours a day.

Is it a temporary job/ service?
No, advertisement is a permanent job till human live in earth.

How should I collect payment?
Company gives salary to all employees by cheques hand by hand. You can collect cheques or cash from our Head Office. If distance very far then fund transfers option or company deposit the payment to the employees Bank A/c.

What are the basic requirements to get started?
Candidate should have to know the basic knowledge of computer & internet, if you don’t have the PC & internet connection then you can work from any cyber café.

Is there any working hours?
No, you can work 24hrs at any of your convenient time & place.

Will training be provided?
Company will give you training for seven to ten days & company will give you all the project details.

Is there any Registration fees?
Yes, You will be pay the Registration fee for job & after taking the Registration company will give you your professional A/c & License No, then you have to start your final work.

Who pays for my Internet charges?
You will have to bear your Internet expenses for the job.


Royal info Service is an Online ad Work From Home job provider company, The Royal Info Service deals in different type of on line business and web advertisement from different type of companies. Day by day the company is going bigger because of many branches due to which there is increase in worked, and also with respect the branches, which are going to be open shortly. The company is recruiting candidates from all over India for taking advertisement and publish it in web by candidates.


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