Posting a job
Company provides you, advertisement information and image. You have to post it various free classified Indian websites. Company provides some websites where you will post your advertisement. In every post (maximum3000 part) you will get Rs.3/-. Rs.4/-, Rs.5/- , Rs.6/- per ad. Our employees work 2 hours per day as a part time or 5 hrs per day full time.

Candidates must have basic knowledge of computer and internet.

Work place
Our employees could work it at home, office, cyber café where computer getting with internet/broadband connection.

Scale of pay
In every month you will submit your report in the head office or branch office by e-mail. After checking your report you shall paid your money in Bank cheque/ fund transfer or you may welcome our office and take your cheque.

Candidate condition
All people, house wife, job seeker, unemployed, employed, student, retired person, ex-service man, who have about of 18 years of ages.

Registrations for Terms & Conditions for Members-
* In a single time you can work with a single computer. If you work more then one computer with single registration id in same time your registration will be cancelled.
* Company provides you 200 ready links.
* Candidates should have post 200 correct entry; otherwise half payment will be carry foreword next month.
* We will accept “free classified Indian site”, do not post foreign country, then payment will not be given to you.
* After taking Registration Company will provide you all advertise details [including user name, password and posted id] to your personal email address with in 4 hours. You should use that user id and password.
* If you try to change of user id & password the company will cancelled your registration.
* Member should submit there report page after 30 days every month to the company.
* Rs-250/- will be deducted on double posting of same posting.
* Do not post sub domain site.
* Registration fee is not refundable after Taking Registration.
* Professional Account of a candidate should not be transfer to another candidate. * Using of software or any other illegal practice are prohibited, in that case Registration will be cancelled

The terms & Condition are same for all candidates. The decision of the Administrator is the Last & Final decision, No Candidate have the right to change the "Terms & Condition” of the Company.

Plan Chart

Plan Fees (Rs.) Rate (Rs.) Min-Max Work Valid For Income
(A) 1200 3 200-1000 3 Month 3000
(B) 2400 4 200-2000 6 Month 8000
(C) 3000 5 200-3000 6 Month 15000
(D) 5000 6 300-4000 6 Month 24000

* Plan [A] Registration fee Rs.1200, monthly income in 3 months Rs.3000/-, Validity 3 months.
* Plan [B] Registration fee Rs.2400, monthly income in 6 months Rs.8000/-, Validity 6 months.
* Plan [C] Registration fee Rs.3000, monthly income in 6 months Rs.15000/-, Validity 6 months.
* Plan [D] Registration fee Rs.5000, monthly income in 6 months Rs.24000/-, Validity 6 months.

Basic Rules & Regulations:-
1. This registration will be valid for 6 (Six) months.
2. After take registration we will provide your User name & Password to your E-mail address within 24 hours. By this user name & password you can login the members area of our website & you will get the all working material from there.
3. You have no right to change the password of working a/c which we will provide you.
4. Every month you have to do a minimum 200 no. of correct Ad publishing in order to get paid
5. If you publish less than minimum target of Ads in a month, then you won't be paid for that month but the 50% correct publishing will be carry forward to the next month.
6. We will provide 200 links to you for fulfill your minimum target.
7. We accept only Free Classified sites. Do not publish the Ad in Cgi, Blog, Forum or any Sub domains otherwise the publishing will be cancelled.
8. In which website you will publish the ad matter must contain Indian country option otherwise the post will not be accepted.
9. Below 30 days validity ad will not be accepted.
10. When we will check the report we just click the links of your report page. After open the page if ad matter will show then we will pay for that publishing, otherwise not.
11. If we found any one repeat publishing in same side in same month then that publish will be cancel & we will deduct Rs.250/- from your total monthly income as penalty.
12. In a single time you can work with a single computer. If you work more than one computer with single registration in same time, your registration will be cancel.
13. You can publish your Ad by normal process. If use any illegal process (like use software) then your registration will be cancel.
14. You have to submit your monthly report within every 30 days from the date of registration.
15. Payments will made within 10 days after submit your monthly report.
16. Payments will made via fund transfer or a/c payee cheque.


Royal info Service is an Online ad Work From Home job provider company, The Royal Info Service deals in different type of on line business and web advertisement from different type of companies. Day by day the company is going bigger because of many branches due to which there is increase in worked, and also with respect the branches, which are going to be open shortly. The company is recruiting candidates from all over India for taking advertisement and publish it in web by candidates.


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